Cheap Date Ideas / Dating on a Budget

  • Cheap dates are always appropriate regardless of relationship status. 
    I am not saying that every date you go on should be inexpensive, but
    a lot of people feel obligated to over spend and dig themselves into holes when
    they go on dates.  A person can still have an amazing time on a date and spend within their means.  Dating is all about creativity.  Below are some ideas on how you can have an enjoyable cheap date.
- Ballin Etiquette #12 –

Coupons are fine to use on a date as long as your slick when you use them. When the check comes just slip that 50% off coupon inbetween the two largest bills. Everyone will think your leaving a big tip, when your really just making change.


Cheap Date Ideas

  • The Lunch Date

Lunch dates are always good for a cheap date, because the lunch menu has cheaper prices.  You get to sit down and spend quality time with your date while you have a good meal.  You even get a chance to seem like a big spender on a lunch date.  If you decide to pick up the check for you and your date.  You’re only spending about $12 dollars opposed to $20+ if you were on a dinner date.

  • The Walk in the Park

Walking around in the park can be its’ own cheap date, or it can branch off of the lunch date.  You’re getting lighter and your pockets aren’t.  Last time I checked air was free.

  • The Matinee Movie

Older people are on to something here.  See movies in the day time with your date.  Look at all of the positives of a matinee movie.  It takes half the time to get into a blockbuster movie, the movie theater is half empty, and the movie is half price. 

  • The City Stroll

This cheap date idea has the same concept as walking in the park.  Even polluted air is still free.

  • The Mall Stroll

Window shopping is a free, but be careful it can lead to actual purchases that effect your deflated wallet.  I’m all for buying your girl / guy nice things, but remember we’re talking about cheap date ideas.  Don’t waiver from the plan. ( side note: It’s not trickin if you got it. )

  • People Watcher

If you’re a funny person, and you just want a funny cheap date idea.  Take your date to a park or somewhere with benches, and just talk about people as they walk by.  Yeah it can be a little mean, but I promise someone has talked about you.

  • The Lounge

Take your date to a lounge.  It’s higher scale than a bar, cover usually isn’t that much, and you get to people watch. 

  • Open Mic Night

Clubs usually have open mic and karaoke nights. Sometimes you don’t have to pay a cover or you get a free coupon if you perform.  I say you suck it up, hop on stage, and get your free coupon.  That way you can have an even cheaper date later on that month.

  • Local Venues

Most towns have parades and things at different times of the year.  Find out whats going on around you.  As long as it’s free you and your date should be the first people marching down the streets.

  • The Ice Cream Date

Everyone loves ice cream.  It’s cheap, it’s cold, it’s amazing!

  • The Netflix Date

Last time I checked Netflix was $9.95 a month.  Sit down with your date and enjoy an unlimited movie night.

  • Game Night with Friends

Most of your friends have old board games like DON’T WAKE DADDY, and TROUBLE.  Call your friends up and have a couples game night.  ( Don’t play monopoly! Bad things happen to good people.  Friendships have been lost over that game. )

  • Intimate Game Night

Same concept as the idea before, but this cheap date idea can include sexier games.

  • Stormy Night Date

A stormy night is a great chance for you to get close to your date.  If you’ve been trying to get some god quality time with the person your seeing.  Glue your eyes to the weather channel.  As soon as that robot voice says something about a storm, get your comforter, pillows, and candles ready.  you’re in for a good night.

  • The Clear Night Date

If your not in the city sit outside with your date and look up at the stars.  And if you’re in the city don’t worry.  Thanks to B.O.B. you can now look at airplanes and make wishes.


  • Have any Cheap Date Ideas?

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